Science for children at home

We appreciate that during these times, you must be spending a lot of time with your children at home. We've worked with members of biology to create some fun, quick and easy, and educational resources to keep your children active and engaged in science during lockdown.

Feel free to download these resources, and to share any fun outputs with us @OxfordBiology- we'd love to hear from you!

Back Garden Biology 

In this fun and informative series Dr Lindsay Turnbull, Associate Professor of Plant Sciences, looks at the biology of the back garden. This series is recorded hot off the press in a normal garden in England beginning in March 2020 and would be of interest to anyone from age 5+. The series is particularly useful for children missing school who would like to carry on practical work in their own garden and have an expert help them understand the theory behind everyday biology. Packed with things to see right now, take the edge off your enforced boredom by venturing into the back garden.

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