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WildCRU Camera Trap Internships
Closing date: Friday 24 May, 2019

The Wildlife Conservation Research Unit is a large research group within the Department of Zoology, with over 60 staff and students (and many more local field support staff). WildCRU’s wide-spread and long-term camera trapping study spans South East Asia to West Africa to Scotland. Based at Tubney House, we are looking for early career undergraduate or masters students to work closely with our camera trapping co-ordinator to identify species and tag camera trap images using WildCRU’s camera trapping protocol. You will learn a variety of skills, attend WildCRU’s camera trapping workshop and have the opportunity to network with WildCRU’s international community. Interns will be appointed for 3 month, usually on a part time basis, at £9 per hour, ideally starting 10th June.

To apply, please send us a CV (no longer than 2 pages) and a covering letter detailing your experience to and by 24 May, 2019.




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