Part-time Visual Analytics Specialist (19 Jan)

Grade 10: £53,691 - £62,219 p.a.

We are seeking to recruit a part time and fixed term Visual Analyser to join Professor Martin Maiden’s Group in the Gastrointestinal Diseases research Team. You will join a dynamic and successful group providing highly leveraged and accelerated VA capability development applied to the study of infectious diseases through existing subject specialist knowledge and access to international governmental VA research community expertise, capabilities and programmes.

Our research endeavours to understand bacterial disease as a biological process: an interaction between the bacterium and its host or hosts. We seek to translate the insights gained into practical applications in the improvement of public health by interventions such as vaccination and food safety measures. A principal goal is to combine diverse sources of information to link genotype, including whole genome sequences, with phenotype. While our research mostly focuses on two genera of pathogenic bacteria, Neisseria and Camplyobacter, the approaches that we have developed are generalisable and have been applied to a wide range of bacteria including non-pathogens, by ourselves and others.

You will be an enthusiastic, motivated, highly organised Visual Analyser, applying your knowledge and experience in the area of Visual Analytics in the context of Infectious Diseases. A PhD in Computer Sciences and extensive experience and expertise in VA and related technologies for big and heterogeneous data is essential.

A documented ability to attract funding, excellent communication skills and the ability to work co-operatively as part of a team, as well as independently, are also essential capabilities for this post.

You will be required to upload a CV with publication list and supporting statement online. Closing date is January 19th. Apply here.