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I am an evolutionary biologist whose main interest is adaptation, how natural selection can lead to the diversity of life that we see around us. I am especially interested in the evolution of social behaviours, such as cooperation, altruism, spite, mutualism, and how these can influence major evolutionary transitions.

I use a mixture of techniques including theory, experiment and across species comparative studies. My empirical work has utilised a range of organisms, especially bacteria (experimental), insects (experimental & comparative), birds (comparative) and mammals (comparative).

For more information: http://zoo-web02.zoo.ox.ac.uk/group/west/


Prof Stu West

Max Burton-Chellew (Post Doc)
Miguel Dos Santos (Post Doc)
Melanie Ghoul (Post Doc)
Gijsbert Werner (Post Doc)
John Bruce (PhD Students)
Stephanie Kapsetaki (PhD Students)
Guy Cooper (PhD Students)
Sam Levin ((PhD Students)
Tom Scott (PhD Students)
Mati Patel (PhD Students)

Asher Leeks (PhD Students)

Recent Publications

Cornwallis, C.K., Botero, C.A., Rubenstein, D.R., Downing, P.A., West, S.A., & Grifin, A.S. (2017) Cooperation facilitates the colonization of harsh environments. Nature Ecology & Evolution 1:0057.

Fisher, R.M., Henry, L.M., Cornwallis, C.K., Kiers, E.T. & West, S.A. (2017) The evolution of host-symbiont dependence. Nature Communications 8:15973.

Ghoul, M., Anderson, S.B. & West, S.A. (2017) Sociomics: using omic approaches to understand social evolution. Trends in Genetics 33, 408-419.

Burton-Chellew, M.N., El Mouden, C. & West, S.A. (2016) Conditional cooperation and confusion in public-goods games. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, USA 113, 1291-1296.

Caro, S.M., Griffin, A.S., Hinde, C.A. & West, S.A. (2016) Unpredictable environments lead to the evolution of parental neglect in birds. Nature Communications. 7:10985.

Wyatt, G.A.K., Kiers, E.T., Gardner, A. & West, S.A. (2016) Restricting mutualistic partners to enforce trade reliance. Nature Communications 7:10322. 

For more: http://www.zoo.ox.ac.uk/group/west/pubs.html


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