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Nature-based Solutions Initiative

About the Group

We combine key pure and applied approaches from the natural and social sciences to tackle the challenge of understanding and conserving biodiversity, and building socio-ecological resilience in a warming world.

On the pure science side, we use experimental and comparative approaches to determine the effectiveness of nature-based solutions to climate change and food security.

On the applied side, we consolidate and translate ecosystem science for the benefit of decision makers in governement and business to bring in the equitable protection of nature to the centre of the sustainable development agenda.

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Prof Nathalie Seddon

Alex Chausson
Beth Turner
Irina Hauler
Denise Swanborn

Recent Publications

Seddon N, Daniels E, Davis R, Harris R, Hou-Jones X, Huq S, Mace GM, Reid H, Roe D, Raza Rizvi A (2017)Ecosystem-based adaptation and the Paris Agreement: global recognition that ecosystems are key to humanresilience in a warming world. Ecology and Society [in review]

Seddon N, Reid H, Chuasson A, Hicks C, Hou-Jones X, Wicander S, Kapos V, Raza Rivi A, Roe D(2017) Ecosystem-based approaches to climate change adaptation: obstacles to mainstreaming and a newframework and research priorities for evaluating effectiveness. [in prep]

Seddon N, Mace GM, Naeem S, Tobias JA, Pigot AL, Cavanagh RD, Mouillot D, Vause J, Walpole M (2016)Biodiversity in the Anthropocene: prospects and policy. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. Special Feature 283 (1844), 20162094. [Guest Editor of the Special Feature: The Value of Biodiversity in the Anthropocene]

Seddon N, Hou-Jones X, Pye T, Reid H, Roe D, Mountain D, Raza Rizvi A (2016). Ecosystem-based approaches toadaptation: a win-win formula for sustainable development in a warming world? IIED Policy Briefing.

Bregman, TP, Seddon N, Lees AC, Darski B, Aleixo A, Bonsall MB, Tobias JA (2015) Species interactions regulatethe collapse of biodiversity and ecosystem function in fragmented tropical forests. Ecology 96: 2692-2704.

Tobias, J.A., Planque, R., Cram, D., Seddon, N. 2014. Species interactions and the structure of complexcommunication networks. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (published online 6 Jan 2014). 

Tobias, J.A., Cornwallis, C.K., Derryberry, E.P., Claramunt, S., Brumfield, R.T., Seddon, N. 2014. Speciescoexistence and the dynamics of phenotypic evolution in adaptive radiation. Nature (published online 22 Dec2013) 

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