Shuo Gao (Jack)

Research Interests

Broadly speaking, I am proactive with solving complex real-world issues in the field of ecological economics and conservation science.

For my PhD research, I study the trade-offs among economic, social and ecological/environmental outcomes for achieving net gain/net positive outcomes for nature and people. I am also interested in application of economic valuation and appraisal techniques to elicit residents’ and consumers’ preferences, values and priorities to underpin environmental and conservation strategies, based on theories and frameworks from environmental economics, cognitive psychology and behavioural science. Besides, I also draw on management and decision science tools to work with Prof. Ming K. Lim (Coventry) on building sustainable business models and greening supply chains, operations, production, marketing and financing for the private sector in emerging economies.

I graduated with a MSc in Environmental Economics and Climate Change from the London School of Economics and Political Science, under the supervision of Prof. Susana Mourato (LSE). My master’s thesis topic is “Nudging consumer willingness to pay for ecological packaging through biodiversity loss video”. Prior to that, I completed my Bachelor of Economics from Dalian University of Technology, where I worked two years as a research assistant studying corporate sustainability and circular economy in the industrial sector and small and medium enterprises in China.

In addition to academic experience, I also took the lead for five years in start-up companies across industries. Currently, I run/co-run three businesses (ecotourism, trade and education) in Shanghai and Harbin of China.

Contact Details
T: 07579902120