Professor Tim Coulson

Research Interests

My group and I research how demographic rates vary across genotypes, phenotypes and environments. We identify the ecological, evolutionary and conservation consequences of this variation. We use a mix of field observations, laboratory experiments, statistical analysis of data and the construction and analysis of mathematical models. 

Research focuses on mammals, birds and invertebrates. If you are interested in working in the group please get in contact describing:

  • the questions you plan to address
  • the study system you plan to use and
  • the funding bodies most likely to support your proposed work
  • Life history strategy varies with the strength of competition in a food-limited ungulate population

  • Exploring movement decisions: Can Bayesian movement-state models explain crop consumption behaviour in elephants (Loxodonta africana)?

  • Skewed distributions of lifetime reproductive success: beyond mean and variance.

  • Testing the effect of quantitative genetic inheritance in structured models on projections of population dynamics

  • The multiple population genetic and demographic routes to islands of genomic divergence

  • Weak spatiotemporal response of prey to predation risk in a freely interacting system.

  • Eco-Evolutionary Feedbacks Predict the Time Course of Rapid Life-History Evolution.

  • Size and density mediate transitions between competition and facilitation.

  • More
Contact Details

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