Madison Pearce

Research Interests

During my undergraduate degree I developed interests in: disease, bacteria, molecular biology, genetics and phylogenetics.

All of these areas contributed to my current research interests within S. enterica. In particular, I am interested in outbreak analyses and the development of novel methods for detection, identification, typing and analysis of outbreaks. This research ties into more general interests in the typing and classification of isolates.

I have been responsible for the creation of the ribosomal MultiLocus Typing Scheme (rMLST) within Salmonella and have been working on examining the similarities and differences between classical antigenic serovar typing of Salmonella and newer genetic based methods. My interest in typing of Salmonella has led to the creation of a preliminary core genome scheme, which contains genes present in all Salmonella isolates. Finally, I am interested in compatibility between typing schemes and analytical approaches and as such spend time doing cross validation on varying methodologies.

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