Hollie Booth

Research Interests

I am conducting research on mitigating shark fishing mortality through holistic fisheries management, with a particular focus on Indonesia. Sharks, rays and their relatives (Class Chondricthyes) are one of the world’s most threatened species groups, and are frequently taken as targeted and incidental catch in a wide range of fisheries. Indonesia is the world’s largest shark fishing nation, and shark fishieries are largely un-managed.  

Regulatory action is further complicated by the socio-economic vulnerability and limited adaptive capacity of fishing communities. I am developing and applying a mixed methods approach for risk-based fisheries management which considers the biological (i.e. life history traits of sharks), technical (i.e. operational fisheries characteristics) and social (i.e. socio-economic context and drivers of a given fishery) drivers of shark fishing to design and implement practical and ethical management approaches.