Dr Sofia Gripenberg

Research Interests

I am interested in interspecific interactions and their effects on population and community dynamics, individual behaviour, and evolution. My research is mainly focused on plant-insect interactions, but I have also worked on systems involving host-parasitoid and plant-pathogen interactions. My current main project addresses the role of internally feeding insect seed predators (‘seed parasitoids’) in maintaining tropical forest diversity and structuring tropical plant communities.

Selected Publications

Bagchi, R., Gallery, R. E., Gripenberg, S., Gurr, S. E., Narayan, L., Addis, C. E., Freckleton, R. P. & Lewis, O. T. (2014)  Fungal pathogens and insect herbivores modify rainforest plant diversity and composition. Nature, 506: 85-88.

Morris, R. J., Gripenberg, S., Lewis, O. T. & Roslin, T. (2014) Antagonistic interaction networks are structured independently of latitude and host guild. Ecology Letters, 17: 340-349.

Gripenberg, S., Bagchi, R., Gallery, R. E., Freckleton, R. P., Narayan, L. & Lewis, O. T. (2014) Testing for enemy-mediated density-dependence in the mortality of seedlings: Field experiments with five Neotropical tree species. Oikos, 123: 185-193.

Tack, A. J., Gripenberg, S. & Roslin, T. (2012). Cross-kingdom interactions matter: fungal-mediated interactions structure an insect community on oak. Ecology Letters 15: 177-185.

Gripenberg, S., Hamer, N., Brereton, T., Roy, D. B. & Lewis, O. T. (2011). A novel parasitoid and a declining butterfly: cause or coincidence? Ecological Entomology 36: 271-281.

Gripenberg, S., Mayhew, P. J., Parnell, M. & Roslin, T. (2010). A meta-analysis of host plant selection in phytophagous insects. Ecology Letters, 13: 383-393.

Gripenberg, S., Ovaskainen, O., Morriën, E. & Roslin, T. (2008). Spatial population structure of a specialist leaf-mining moth. Journal of Animal Ecology 77: 757-767.

Gripenberg, S. & Roslin, T. (2007). Up or down in space? Uniting the bottom-up versus top-down paradigm and spatial ecology. Oikos 116: 181-188.

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