Dr Gwilym Rowlands

Research Interests

My research examines how earth observation data, such as satellite imagery, can be best harnessed to the needs of ecology, conservation and management. This work includes image and spatial analysis, field monitoring and survey, as well as mathematical modelling and as such has relevance to a broad spectrum of applications. My work spans tropical and temperate regions of the world, and I draw on satellite, airbourne and vessel-bourne sensors to explore coastal and oceanic environments. My current focus is marine fisheries, where I study the opportunities and constraints of different satellite sensors, and work to develop operational solutions for effective monitoring, control, and enforcement working on the Oxford Martin Sustainable Oceans Programme.

Selected Publications


Rowlands GP, Brown J, Soule B, Boluda P, Rogers AD (2019) Satellite surveillance of the Ascension Island Exclusive Economic Zone and Marine Protected Area. Marine Policy.https://doi.org/10.1016/j.marpol.2018.11.006

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Rowlands GP, Purkis SJ, Riegl BM (2008) The 2005 coral-bleaching event Roatan (Honduras): use of pseudoinvariant features (PIFs) in satellite assessments. Spatial Science 53,99-112


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