Dr Annette Fayet

Research Interests

I am a junior research fellow in the Oxford Navigation Group, part of the Animal Behaviour Research Group. My research investigates the at-sea behaviour of pelagic seabirds on long-distance movements and their potential life-history consequences, with Atlantic puffins and Manx shearwater currently my main study species. I am interested in expanding my research to encompass the whole breeding range of species and address questions at a global population scale.



Selected Publications

Fayet, A. L.A. ShojiR. FreemanC. M. Perrins, and T. C. Guilford. "Within-pair similarity in migration route and female winter foraging effort predict pair breeding performance in a monogamous seabird." Marine Ecology Progress Series 569 (2017): 243-252.

Morley, T. I.A. L. FayetH. JessoppP. VeronM. VeronJ. Clark, and M. J. Wood. "The seabird wreck in the Bay of Biscay and South-Western Approaches in 2014: a review of reported mortality. ." Seabird 29 (2017).

Fayet, Annette L.Robin FreemanAkiko ShojiHolly L. KirkOliver PadgetChris M. Perrins, and Tim Guilford. "Carry-over effects on the annual cycle of a migratory seabird: an experimental study." Journal of Animal Ecology (2016).

Shoji, A.S. Aris-BrosouE. OwenM. BoltonD. BoyleA. FayetB. DeanH. KirkR. FreemanC. Perrins et al. "Foraging flexibility and search patterns are unlinked during breeding in a free-ranging seabird." Marine Biology 163 (2016).

Johnstone, R. A.A. ManicaA. L. FayetM. C. StoddardM. A. Rodriguez-Girones, and C. A. Hinde."Evidence for conditional cooperation in biparental care systems? A response to Schlicht et al. 2016." Behavioral Ecology 27, no. 3 (2016).

Fayet, Annette L.Robin FreemanAkiko ShojiDave BoyleHolly L. KirkBen J. DeanChris M. Perrins, and Tim Guilford. "Drivers and fitness consequences of dispersive migration in a pelagic seabird." Behavioral Ecology 27, no. 4 (2016): 1061-1072.

Fayet, Annette L.Robin FreemanAkiko ShojiOliver PadgetChris M. Perrins, and Tim Guilford."Lower foraging efficiency in immatures drives spatial segregation with breeding adults in a long-lived pelagic seabird." Animal Behaviour 110 (2015).

Dean, B.H. KirkA. FayetA. ShojiR. FreemanK. LeonardC. M. Perrins, and T. Guilford."Simultaneous multi-colony tracking of a pelagic seabird reveals cross-colony utilization of a shared foraging area." Marine Ecology Progress Series 538 (2015): 239-248.

Shoji, A.S. Aris-BrosouA. CulinaA. FayetH. KirkO. PadgetI. Juarez-MartinezD. BoyleT. NakataC. M. Perrins et al. "Breeding phenology and winter activity predict subsequent breeding success in a trans-global migratory seabird." Biology Letters 111781522844254912763, no. 10 (2015): 20150671.