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Our work addresses the challenges that humanity faces in halting the decline of global biodiversity. We work at the interface of social and ecological systems, using a range of methodologies and interdisciplinary approaches to address key issues in current conservation.

Our underlying philosophy is that in order to make progress we need to consider the incentives, pressures and challenges faced by individual decision-makers, and to bring together multidisciplinary teams who are best placed to address these issues. From black rhinos to blue whales … when we think of conservation, many of us think of it as the science of saving endangered species. But that’s only a small part of a far bigger picture. After all, species are only a small part of biodiversity, ecosystems and habitats - on land, and in our rivers and seas. 

Research Associates: Julia Baker, Emilie Beauchamp, Joe W. Bull, Tom Clements, Cheli Cresswell, Katrina Davis, Tom Evans, Peni Lestari, Gary Martin, Kumar Paudel, Sarah Robinson, Michael ‘t Sas-Rolfes, Yunita Setyorini, Henry Travers

Biodiversity Fellow: Caleb Ofori

DPhil Students: Melissa Arias, William Arlidge, Stephanie Brittain, Michael Burgass, Sofia Castello y Tickell, Emiel de Lange, Hunter Doughty, Victoria Griffiths, Mirjam Hazenbosch, Munib Khanyari, Tim Kuiper, Sam Lloyd, Vian Sharif, Rebecca Short, Nicky Stanek 

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Professor E.J. Milner-Gulland

Prue Addison (Knowledge Exchange Fellow)
Molly Grace (Knowledge Exchange Fellow)
Nafeesa Esmail (Programme Coordinator – IWT)
Annabel Halfhead (PA to E.J. Milner-Gulland)
Amy Hinsley (Postdoctoral Researcher)
Harriet Ibbett (Research Assistant)
Cecilia Larrosa (Postdoctoral Researcher)
Carlyn Samuel (Group Research Coordinator)
Diogo Veríssimo (Postdoctoral Researcher) 


Recent Publications

Burgass, M., Halpern, B., Nicholson, E., Milner-Gulland, E.J. (2017) Exposing and navigating uncertainty in composite indicators. Ecological Indicators, 75, 268-278

Bull, J.W., Strange, N. (2017) Demonstrating biodiversity offset policy outcomes using the classic “Trading in a Pit Market” classroom game. Vestnik of the Tyumen State University, 3(1). (pdf)

Bull, J.W., Lloyd, S.P., Strange, N. (2017) Implementation gap between the theory and practice of biodiversity offset multipliers. Conservation Letters, DOI: 10.1111/conl.12335 

Amy Hinsley and David L. Roberts. (2017)  Assessing the extent of access and benefit sharing in the wildlife trade: lessons from horticultural orchids in Southeast Asia. Environmental Conservation. Cambridge Core

Emma J. McIntosh, Robert L. Pressey, Samuel Lloyd, Robert Smith, and Richard Grenyer. The Impact of Systematic Conservation Planning. Annual Review of Environment and Resources Vol. 42:- (Volume publication date November 2017) 

Ibbett, H., Lay, C., Phlai, P., Song, D., Hong, C., Mahood, S., & Milner-Gulland, E. (2017). Conserving a globally threatened species in a semi-natural, agrarian landscape Oryx 1-11

Keeler, B. L. , R. Chaplin-Kramer, A. Guerry, P. F. E.  Addison, C. Bettigole, I. C.  Burke, B. Gentry, L. Chambliss, C. Young, A. J.  Travis, C. T.  Darimont, D. R.  Gordon, J. Hellmann, P.  Kareiva, S.  Monfort, L. Olander, T. Profeta, H. P.  Possingham, C.  Slotterback, E.  Sterling, T.  Ticktin, and B.  Vira. 2017. Society Is Ready for a New Kind of Science—Is Academia? Bioscience. DOI:

Addison P.F.E., Flander L.B., Cook C.N. (2017) Towards quantitative condition assessment of biodiversity outcomes: insights from Australian marine protected areas. Journal of Environmental Management. 198, 183–191.

Keith, S.A. & Bull, J.W.  “Animal culture impacts species’ capacity to realise climate-driven range shifts”. Ecography (pdf)

Mwedde, G., Baker, J. & Travers, H. (2017) What do wildlife scout programmemes need to succeed? A review of wildlife scout programmemes in Uganda. IIED, London.

Real, R., Barbosa, A.M. & Bull, J.W. “Species distributions, quantum theory, and the enhancement of biodiversity measures”. Systematic Biology (pdf)

Travers, H., Mwedde, G., Archer, L., Roe, D., Plumptre, A., Baker, J., Rwetsiba, A. & Milner-Gulland, E.J. (2017) Taking action against wildlife crime in Uganda. IIED, London

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