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About the Group

Predicting the course of an epidemic following its emergence remains one of the greatest challenges in infectious disease control. Although rapidly evolving viruses frequently threaten global public health, uneven surveillance efforts can obfuscate predictions of virus dynamics across local, regional and global scales. Our group aims to determine the impact of ecological and epidemiological drivers on the historical spread of rapidly evolving viruses across spatial scales, mobility networks and social groups, and to incorporate metrics of human movement to infer present patterns of virus diversity and transmission. We are also interested in combining real-time genetic and mobility measures to deliver accurate future predictions of virus movement and disease burden.


Contact details:


Peter Medawar Building for Pathogen Research

South Parks Road OX1 3SY

Oxford, United Kingdom

Tel: +44 1865281063



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Current group members:

Dr. Sarah Hill (Postdoctoral Research)

Darlan Candido (DPhil student, Clarendon scholar)

Jean Paul Carrera (DPhil student, Clarendon scholar)


Current collaborators include:

Prof. Oliver Pybus (Oxford)

Prof. Ester Sabino (IMT-USP)

Dr. Moritz Kraemer (Oxford & Harvard)

Prof. Nicholas Loman (Birmingham)

Prof. Eva Harris (Berkeley)

Prof. Ana Bispo (FioCRUZ)

Prof. Joana Afonso (Angolan Ministry of Health)

Prof. Andrew Rambaut (Edinburgh)

Dr. Wanderson Oliveira (Brazilian Ministry of Health)

Prof. Andy Tatem (Southamptom)

Recent Publications

Hill et al. (2019) Emergence of the Zika virus Asian lineage in Angola: an outbreak investigation, The Lancet Infectious Diseases, in press

Naveca et al. (2019) Genomic, epidemiological and digital surveillance of Chikungunya virus in the Brazilian Amazon, PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 13 (3), e0007065

Faria NR et al. (2018) Genomic and epidemiological monitoring of yellow fever virus transmission potential, Science 7115, eaat7115

Faria NR et al. (2017) Establishment and cryptic transmission of Zika virus in Brazil and the Americas, Nature 546, 406-410

Grubaugh et al. (2017) Genomic epidemiology reveals multiple introductions of Zika virus into the United States, Nature, 104794

Faria NR et al (2016) Mobile real-time surveillance of Zika virus in Brazil. Genome Medicine in press

Faria NR et al (2016) Zika virus in the Americas: early epidemiological and genetic findings. Science 352:345-9=

Nunes MR et al (2015) Emergence and potential for spread of chikungunya virus in Brazil. BMC Medicine 13:102

Faria NR et al (2014) The early spread and epidemic ignition of HIV-1 in human populations. Science 346:56-61

Faria NR et al (2013) Simultaneously reconstructing viral cross-species transmission history and identifying the underlying constraints. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society Series B 368:20120196 

Faria NR et al (2011) Toward a quantitative understanding of viral phylogeography. Current Opinion in Virology 1:423-9