William Arlidge

Research Interests

I am broadly interested in finding solutions for threats to biodiversity. To do this I like to undertake and involve myself in collaborative and applied research, spanning the boundary between ecology and human behaviour.

My research career began in marine biology. I was fortunate enough to grow up exploring the coastal waters of New Zealand. These childhood experiences started a lifelong fascination for all types of marine life. At university, I studied a BSc, with a double major in marine biology, and ecology & biodiversity. After which I went on to complete my MSc in coral reef ecology.

I am a DPhil (PhD) student and Commonwealth Scholar at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Conservation Science at the University of Oxford. My research aims to find novel solutions for managing the incidental capture (bycatch) of protected species in fisheries. My project has two major themes. The first theme investigates the mitigation hierarchy for biodiversity impact as an overarching framework for guiding multiple bycatch reduction strategies towards a conservation target. The second theme involves researching how information about bycatch-reduction initiatives might spread through small-scale fishing communities.  

You can read more on the bycatch mitigation hierarchy in our foundation paper, translating the terrestrial mitigation hierarchy to marine megafauna bycatch. Using a case-study fishery in Peru, I am investigating our framework's ability to bring together multiple bycatch mitigation strategies in a structured way to reduce captures of turtles. The conceptual mitigation hierarchy framework can support collation of existing information and help identify knowledge gaps. In my case study fishery, we identified gaps in understanding surrounding fleet-wide turtle bycatch rates and in fisher perspectives of turtle bycatch. Thus, I am applying a structured expert elicitation protocol to fisher and conservation practitioner estimates of sea turtle captures to reduce personal biases and heuristics, and to estimate uncertainty. I am also using social network analysis to gain a deeper understanding of how messages about the existence and aims of bycatch-reduction initiatives might spread through our case study fishing system. 

If you find any of my research of interest please follow me on Twitter. If you would like to discuss anything with me in more detail, feel free to send me an email at william.arlidge@zoo.ox.ac.uk. I would love to hear from you. 

Recent Publications

Arlidge WNS, Squires D, Alfaro-Shigueto J, Booth H, Mangel J, Milner-Gulland EJ. 2020. A mitigation hierarchy approach for managing sea turtle captures in small-scale fisheries. Frontiers in Marine Science 7, 49. doi: 10.3389/fmars.2020.00049

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