Professor Oliver Pybus

Research Interests

My research aims to explain the evolutionary dynamics of pathogens, particularly viral infections of humans, including HIV/AIDS, the hepatitis C virus, and Influenza. I hope to understand how evolutionary and ecological processes - which occur on the same timescale for many pathogens - combine and interact in natural populations.

Additional Information: I am Editor-in-Chief of the journal Virus Evolution, published by Oxford University Press. I am also one of the Department of Zoology's Athena Swan Champions.

Selected Publications

Faria NR et al. (2017) Epidemic establishment and cryptic transmission of Zika virus in Brazil and the Americas. Nature 546:406-10

Dudas G et al. (2017) Virus genomes reveal factors that spread and sustained the Ebola epidemic. Nature 544:309-315

Grubaugh ND et al. (2017) Genomic epidemiology reveals multiple introductions of Zika virus into the United States. Nature 546:401-05

Faria NR et al. (2016) Zika virus in the Americas: early epidemiological and genetic findings. Science 352:345–9

Lycett SJ et al. (2016) Role for migratory wild birds in the global spread of avian influenza H5N8. Science 354:213–7

Pybus OG, Tatem AJ, Lemey P (2015) Virus evolution and transmission in an ever-more connected world. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 282:20142878

Faria NR et al. (2014) The hidden history of HIV-1: establishment and early spread of the AIDS pandemic. Science 346:56-61

Lam TT et al. (2013) The genesis and source of the H7N9 influenza viruses causing human infections in China. Nature 502:241-4

Pybus OG et al. (2012) Unifying the spatial epidemiology and molecular evolution of emerging epidemics. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 109:15066-71

Vijaykrishna D et al.  (2011) Long-term evolution and transmission dynamics of swine influenza A virus. Nature 473:519-22

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Pybus OG & Rambaut A (2009) Evolutionary analysis of the dynamics of viral infectious disease. Nature Reviews Genetics 10:540-50

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