Professor Kevin Foster

Research Interests

Organisms regularly meet members of their own and other species. Whenever these interactions affect survival and reproduction - the currencies of Darwin's natural selection - they are "social" in evolutionary terms. This is social evolution and we study social evolution in a diverse range of systems, including insects, humans, and even sperm.

Some of our work is theoretical and some is experimental. We also write reviews of key concepts and debates in social evolution. And in recent years, we have come to particularly focus on species whose sociality is often overlooked, the microbes.

Selected Publications

Foster KR. 2011 The sociobiology of molecular systems. Nature Reviews Genetics, 12: 193-203.

Xavier J, Kim W, Foster KR 2011 A molecular mechanism that stabilizes cooperative secretions in Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Molecular Microbiology 79, 166-179 

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Smukalla S, Caldara M, Pochet N, Beauvais A, Guadagnini S, Yan C, Vinces MD, Jansen A, Christine Prevost M, Latge J, Fink GR, Foster KR, Verstrepen KJ 2008. FLO1 is a variable green beard gene that drives biofilm-like cooperation in budding yeast. Cell 135: 727-737. 

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Nadell CD, Xavier J, Levin SA, & Foster, KR 2008 The evolution of quorum sensing in bacterial biofilms. PLoS Biology, 6: e14

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