Professor Fritz Vollrath

Research Interests

Interest areas include:

  • Diversity, Ecology, Life History and Evolution of Spiders and their Webs.
  • Material, Mechanics and Evolution of Silks.
  • Bio-Nano-Materials : Structure-Properties-Function Relationships
  • Animal Decisions and Energy Budgets 
  • Elephant and Spider Behaviour

Additional Information:

PhD in Freiburg, Faculty Positions in Basel, Aarhus, Oxford; Extensive Fieldwork in Panama, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Kenya; Close research collaborations with e.g. Fudan University, Princeton University, ETH-Zürich; Trustee of Save the Elephants

  • Structural Diversity of Native Major Ampullate, Minor Ampullate, Cylindriform, and Flagelliform Silk Proteins in Solution

  • The molecular structure and multifunctionality of the cryptic plant polymer suberin

  • Creating artificial Rhino Horns from Horse Hair.

  • Cryogenic toughness of natural silk and a proposed structure-function relationship

  • Artificial spinning of natural silk threads.

  • Differential Scanning Calorimetry of Native Silk Feedstock.

  • Dynamic shear analysis: a novel method to determine mechanical integrity of normal and torn human acetabular labra: Implications for prediction of outcome of repair.

  • Remote monitoring of vibrational information in spider webs.

  • More
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