Laure Cugnière

I am in charge of the logistic and coordination of the citizen science projects, Penguin Watch, Seabird Watch, Seal Watch and Three Bears (to be launched in 02/2021).
Based in the Polar and Palearctic regions, these projects are led by the Polar Ecology and Conservation Group of the Department of Zoology. With these projects, we aim to understand the threats faced by key marine predators and by the wider environment they depend on.
My role encompasses among other things managing the donor programme with the University's Development Office, collaborating with our international group of researchers to apply for grants to support our work, managing our social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, assisting Zooniverse (the world’s largest platform for people-powered research) with volunteer coordination, and facilitating the logistics of our yearly expedition to the Polar regions.

For further information, see: Polar Ecology and Conservation Group