Kim Jacobsen

Research Interests

I am an interdisciplinary researcher working to approach conservation questions using innovative methods. In addition to the use of analyses of people’s attitudes, I use economic valuation techniques and wellbeing economics to understand the relationship between communities, wildlife and conservation efforts.

Current projects include:

  • a study of farmers’ attitudes to reintroduction of lynx in the UK and intentions to illegally kill lynx
  • investigation of the determinants of the distribution of benefits from a national park
  • a global review of edible orchids
  • an investigation of the dynamics of fear and eco-centric attitudes regarding lions in communities around Hwange National Park

I have previously worked with stakeholder groups (sheep farmers, indigenous reindeer herders, and environmental organisations) to find areas of consensus within national carnivore management in Norway. Additionally, I have previously developed guidelines for minimising contact with venomous snakes in India, quantified ecosystem services in agro-ecosystems in Taiwan, and carried out field work in Zimbabwe, Malawi, Botswana, Tanzania, South Africa, Namibia, Laos, Costa Rica, Chile, and Norway.

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