Henry Grub

Research Interests

Lead Researcher of OxPOCH – the Oxford Partnership for Operationalising the Conservation Hierarchy – a project aimed at testing the conservation hierarchy framework at the University of Oxford to increase the institution’s sustainability. Our main focuses are on increasing the sustainability of the University’s food consumption and ensuring that the university’s infrastructure projects are managed in a ‘biodiversity net gain’ way, to mitigate against biodiversity loss. My main interests can be broadly thought of as coalescing around the central question of ‘how do we achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals’? This is a multi-disciplinary question, and so my current research mixes biology, climate science, psychology, geography and economics (and more!) Sustainability is a critical research topic but the inherent trade-offs make this a mammoth, all-hands-on-deck task.

Contact Details

Skype: live:henrygrub

Twitter: @henry_grub

Email: henry.grub@zoo.ox.ac.uk

Selected Publications

Grub (2019) Delivering biodiversity net gain for infrastructure development through stakeholder engagement. Undergraduate dissertation, University of Oxford. Online at: https://iccs.org.uk/sites/www.iccs.org.uk/files/inline-files/HenryGrub_Dissertation_Jan2019_1.pdf 


Grub (2019) Delivering More Effective Biodiversity Net Gain by Incorporating Stakeholder Inputs. Charted Institute of Ecology & Environmental Management Spring Conference. Online at: https://cieem.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/7.-Henry-Grub.pdf