Dr Theresa Burt De Perera

Research Interests

My group's research is concerned with unraveling the behavioural mechanisms that underpin spatial cognition, those fundamental processes that allow animals to navigate effectively through their own habitats. We use theoretical and empirical approaches to study the senses that are used to obtain information on the local surroundings, and to explore how this information is learned, remembered and recalled to enable efficient navigation. 

Additional Information: I am one of the Department of Zoology's Athena Swan Champions.

  • Cross-modal sensory transfer: Bees do it

  • The influence of locomotory style on three-dimensional spatial learning

  • Sensory influence on navigation in the weakly electric fish Gnathonemus petersii

  • Electrosensory capture during multisensory discrimination of nearby objects in the weakly electric fish Gnathonemus petersii.

  • Validating two-dimensional leadership models on three-dimensionally structured fish schools.

  • An associative account of avian navigation

  • Object discrimination through active electrolocation: Shape recognition and the influence of electrical noise.

  • Misinformed leaders lose influence over pigeon flocks.

Contact details
E: theresa.burt@zoo.ox.ac.uk 
T: 01865 (2) 71218