Dr Moritz Kraemer

Research Interests

I investigate the spatial dynamics of infectious diseases and their vectors. I mostly apply and develop mechanistic stochastic modelling frameworks in order to understand their invasion process. My aim is to integrate genetic data in such analyses.

Contact Details

Selected Publications

Kraemer MUG, Faria NR, Reiner Jr RC, Golding N, Nikolay, B, Johansson MA, Salje H, Faye O, Wint GRW, Niedrig M, Shearer FM, Hill SC, Bisanzi D, Nax HH, Pradelski BS, Murphy NR, Bogoch II, Khan K, Brownstein JS, Tatem AJ, de Oliveira T, Smith DL, Sall A, Pybus OG, Hay SI, Cauchemez S (2017) Spread of yellow fever virus outbreak in Angola and the Democratic Republic Congo 2015-2016. Lancet Infectious Diseases 17:330-38 

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