Dr Diogo Verissimo

Research Interests

My interest focus on the use of social science tools, namely social marketing, to influence human behaviour towards more sustainable alternatives.

Selected Publications

Veríssimo et al. 2017. Does It Work for Biodiversity? Experiences and Challenges in the Evaluation of Social Marketing Campaigns, Social Marketing Quarterly (in press)

DA Megias, SC Anderson, RJ Smith, D Veríssimo. 2017. Investigating the impact of media on demand for wildlife: A case study of Harry Potter and the UK trade in owls, PloS one 12 (10), e0182368

E Duthie, D Veríssimo, A Keane, AT Knight. 2017. The effectiveness of celebrities in conservation marketing, PLoS one 12 (7), e0180027

Veríssimo et al. Increased conservation marketing effort has major fundraising benefits for even the least popular species. 2017. Biological Conservation 211, 95-101

Bennett NJ, Roth R, Klain SC, Chan K, Christie P, Clark DA, Cullman G, Curran D, Durbin TJ, Epstein G, Greenberg A, Nelson MP, Sandlos J, Stedman R, Teel TL, Thomas R, Veríssimo D. & Wyborn C. 2017 Conservation social science: Understanding and integrating human dimensions to improve conservation. Biological Conservation, 205, 93-108.

Bennett NJ, Roth R, Klain SC, Chan KMA, Clark DA, Cullman G, Epstein G, Nelson MP, Stedman R, Teel TL, Thomas REW, Wyborn C, Curran D, Greenberg A, Sandlos J. & Veríssimo D. 2017 Mainstreaming the social sciences in conservation. Conservation Biology, 31: 56–66.