Dr Daniel Stabler

Research Interests

I am interested in nutrition and in particular, the nutrients that plants provide their pollinators. In the Wright lab, I use bees to study how animals optimise their dietary intake when they are faced with nutrient challenges. The main focus of my research is to study macronutrient regulation including protein/amino acids and lipids. Amino acids are diverse and universal, and some are essential for health and must be consumed in diet. I am specifically interested in the way in which plants provision their nectar and pollen with amino acids and in turn how animals perceive and regulate their consumption. 

After completing my PhD in the Environmental and Molecular Plant Physiology group at Newcastle University I was awarded a BBSRC/Royal Society of Edinburgh Enterprise Fellowship to explore the commercialisation of a pollen substitute that was developed during the BBSRC-funded Insect Pollinators Initiative project. Following that, I continued as a BBSRC Follow-on Fund Innovation Fellow at Oxford University. I am now studying the fate of dietary lipid and the way in which bees modify their feeding behaviour in order to meet their lipid requirements.

Contact Details
E: daniel.stabler@zoo.ox.ac.uk
T: 01865 271104