Dr Charlotte Rafaluk-Mohr

Research Interests

Evolution of species interactions, evolution of immune systems, host-parasite coevolution and virulence evolution.

Selected Publications

Rafaluk, C., Yang, W., Mitschke, A., Rosenstiel, P., Schulenburg, H. & Joop, G. (2017) Highly potent host external immunity acts as a strong selective force enhancing rapid parasite virulence evolution. Environmental Microbiology, 19, 2090–2100.

Betts, A., Rafaluk, C.* & King, K.C. (2016) Host and Parasite Evolution in a Tangled Bank. Trends in Parasitology, 32, 863–873.*joint first author papers

Rafaluk, C.*, Gildenhard, M., Mitschke, A., Telschow, A., Schulenburg, H. & Joop, G. (2015) Rapid evolution of virulence leading to host extinction under host-parasite coevolution. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 15, 112.

Rafaluk, C., Jansen, G., Schulenburg, H. & Joop, G. (2015) When experimental selection for virulence leads to loss of virulence. Trends in Parasitology, 31, 426–434.

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