Dr Charlene Rodrigues

Research Interests

My research focuses on the genomic epidemiology of childhood infections, with the aim of improving disease prevention and clinical management. My vision is an integrated approach, applying the principles of genomic epidemiology to specific clinical questions that face paediatricians and microbiologists daily, ranging from individual to  public health and addressed through collaborative working with multiple disciplines.  I work on Neisseria meningitidis as an exemplar organism, a major cause of sepsis and meningitis (invasive meningococcal disease) in children, adolescents and adults globally and central to the World Health Organisation’s “Defeating meningitis by 2030” agenda. My work has focused on the diversity and distribution of meningococcal antigens using genomics and performing national genomic surveillance for the UK. I am interested in the drivers for meningococcal carriage and transmission and how this can inform preventiative strategies.

My career objectives include supporting clinicians and public health teams (non-specialists) in handling genomic data. To this end, I instruct on the Wellcome Trust Advanced Course in Genomics and Clinical Microbiology, in both the UK and The Gambia, co-leading the HCAI theme (from January 2021) and St George's University of London MSc in Genomics.


I am a clinician specialising in paediatric infectious diseases and trained in the UK.

  • I graduated from Leicester University medical school in 2007 having also completed an Intercalated BSc in breast cancer pathology.
  • On completion of the Academic Foundation Programme, I entered paediatric training in London as an NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow at Imperial College London. It was here that I developed an interest in meningococcal disease and the genomics of host and pathogen.
  • I completed core registrar training and obtained a GRID sub-specialty infectious diseases, immunology and allergy training post in Newcastle upon Tyne in September 2014.
  • I had a renewed interest in microbiology following my DPhil so trained for 6 months alongside adult ID and microbiology colleagues at St George’s Hospital, London.
  • I obtained CCT in Paediatrics and subspecialty infectious diseases, immunology and allergy in February 2019.

Selected Publications

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