Aavika Dhanda

Research Interests

My DPhil is about assessing the extent to which forest bird species of eastern Indian Himalaya are affected by climate and land-use changes synergistically for which I am using a combination of approaches such as field data collection, climate and land change modeling. I am interested in habitat ecology and understanding how birds respond to human-induced alterations such as deforestation, forest diversion, climate change and uncontrolled resource harvesting. My research is based in Dibang valley of Arunchal Pradhesh in Northeast India which falls in a global biodiversity hotspot and is inhabited by several indigenous tribes. I will be also studying the intensity of wild bird hunting and demand in the tribal villages through questionnaires and informal discussions.

Selected Publications

Sharma, A., V. Rajput, V.K. Dubey, A. Dhanda,S. Thakur, J.A. Johnson, S. Sathyakumar and K. Sivakumar. (2017). New distribution records of Elegant Water Shrew Nectogale elegansMilne-Edwards, 1870 (Mammalia: Eulipotyphla: Soricidae) from the western Himalaya, Uttarakhand , India. Journal of Threatened Taxa 9(12): 11097-11099