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Image: Replicating DNA molecules are visualised by incorporating modified nucleotides and subsequently stained using fluorescent antibodies

About the Group

My research group works on the maintenance of genome stability. Genome stability is maintained by high fidelity of DNA replication coupled with DNA repair mechanisms that together lead to amazing fidelity in the copying process (one error per 109 nucleotides). Mismatch correction mechanisms rectify nucleotide misincorporation errors occurring during DNA synthesis and multiple repair pathways fix DNA damage caused by endogenous and exogenous factors.  DNA repair pathways are backed up by checkpoint mechanisms that halt the cell cycle or initiate apoptosis following DNA damage or chromosome segregation errors. Genome instability that results from defects in DNA replication, repair or checkpoint pathways can be a factor in cancer development.  

Most of our research uses fission yeast (Schizosaccharomyces pombe). This model organism has a similar mechanism of DNA replication to that found in mammalian cells, but is amenable to sophisticated genetic and cell biological techniques. For further details on research projects see my lab web pages. Information on the process of DNA replication can be found at


Professor Stephen Kearsey

Graduate students:
Sibyl Bertrand
Sophia Toumazou

Recent Publications

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