Fly Lab

The Fly Lab studies the evolutionary biology of sex and death, mainly using the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster, as a model organism. We are interested in sexual selection, sexual conflict, speciation, sperm competition, kin selection, immunity, life history and ageing.


Dr Irem Sepil (post-doc)
Dr Eleanor Bath (Departmental lecturer)
Dani Edmunds (DPhil student)

Recent Publications

Le Page, S., Sepil, I., Flintham, E., Pizzari, T., Carazo, P., Wigby, S. 2017. Male relatedness and familiarity are required to modulate male-induced harm to females in Drosophila. Proc. Roy. Soc. London B. 284, 1860, 20170441. Open access 

Hopkins BR, Sepil I, Wigby S. 2017 Seminal Fluid. Curr. Biol. 27, 404–405. pdf

Bath, E., Bowden, S., Peters, C., Reddy, A., Tobias, J.A., Easton-Calabria, E., Seddon, N., Goodwin, S.F., Wigby, S. 2017 Sperm and sex peptide stimulate aggression in female Drosophila. Nature Ecology & Evolution. 1, 154. Open Access   News & Views

Sepil, I., Carazo, P., Perry, J. C., & Wigby, S. 2016. Insulin signalling mediates the response to male-induced harm in female Drosophila melanogaster. Scientific Reports, 6, 30205 Open access

Perry, J.C., Joag, R., Hosken, D.J., Wedell, N., Radwan, J. & Wigby, S., 2016. Experimental evolution under hyper-promiscuity in Drosophila melanogaster. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 16 (1), p.1. Open access

Morimoto, J. & Wigby, S., 2016. Differential effects of male nutrient balance on pre-and post-copulatory traits, and consequences for female reproduction in Drosophila melanogaster. Scientific reports, 6, p.27673. Open access

Carazo, P., Green, J., Sepil, I., Pizzari, T. & Wigby, S., 2016. Inbreeding removes sex differences in lifespan in a population of Drosophila melanogaster. Biology Letters, 12 (6), 20160337. Open access

Morimoto, J., Pizzari, T. & Wigby, S. 2016 Developmental environment effects on sexual selection in male and female Drosophila melanogaster. PLOS One,11, e0154468. Open Access

Wigby, S., Perry, J.C., Kim, Y.-H. & Sirot, L.K. 2016 Developmental environment mediates male seminal protein investment in Drosophila melanogaster. Functional Ecology, 30, 410-419. Open Access