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About the Group

The Ethno-ornithology World Archive (EWA) promotes the engagement of all people in bird conservation by sharing their knowledge and understanding of birds, and helping to safeguard cultural identities. EWA is founded on the recognition that humans everywhere are inspired culturally, practically and spiritually by birds.

We collect culturally relevant knowledge of birds, including local and traditional ecological knowledge, and share this globally via the internet and other media. We work with indigenous people, local communities, conservationists and academics, and their institutions, to promote bird conservation through the recognition, affirmation and celebration of traditional and contemporary knowledge, and the environmental stewardship ethic inherent within diverse cultural traditions.

The Ethno-ornithology World Archive is being developed through a collaboration between Oxford University’s Department of Zoology (Edward Grey Institute) and School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography (Institute of Human Sciences), BirdLife International and Lynx Edicions. The project is underwritten by an MOU signed by all parties in 2013. EWA was developed under a grant from the AHRC to Dr Gosler through the Department of Zoology and is currently operating through the following research programme to Humanities.

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Dr Andrew Gosler (EWA Director)

Dr John Fanshawe (BirdLife International)
Dr Karen Park (EWA Linguist)
Dr Felice Wyndham (EWA Anthropologist)
Dr Ada Grabowska-Xhang (EWA Secretariat)
Ms Heidi Fletcher (EWA Consultant web-manager)
Ms Grace Pam (D.Phil. student, Zoology)
Mr Nishant Kumar (D.Phil. student, Zoology)

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