Equality & Diversity

The Department of Zoology welcomes students and staff from all parts of the world and walks of life. We are committed to fostering an inclusive culture which promotes equality, values diversity and maintain a working, learning and social environment in which the rights and dignity of all its staff and students are respected. We are aware of shortcomings in this area, acknowledge struggles that marginalised members of the Department may be experiencing presently, and strive for a fair and equal future.

The Department expects all members of its community to treat each other with respect, courtesy and consideration at all times. The University of Oxford Equality & Diversity Unit outlines this commitment and what action can be taken if its principles are not observed.

Harassment Policy

In line with the University of Oxford Policy and Procedure on Harassment, the Department of Zoology does not tolerate any form of harassment or victimisation and expects all members of its community, its visitors and contractors to treat each other with respect, courtesy and consideration. 

We are thoroughly committed to fostering an inclusive culture which promotes equality, values diversity and maintains a working, learning and social environment in which the rights and dignity of all members of the University community are respected. Our departmental Harassment Advisors are Stuart WestTommaso PizzariSunetra GuptaAmy Dickman (WildCru), Paul Johnson (WildCru), and Aym Maidment. Whilst we have advisors based in WildCru, if there's a different person you'd be more comfortable approaching, you're welcome to do so. You can also approach an Advisor outside the dept via the EDU Harassment Line, or can contact Advisers who are BAME, LGBTQ+, or who are experts in certain areas via https://edu.admin.ox.ac.uk/support.

A chat with a Harassment Advisor does not automatically begin a formal complaint. The advisors are there to confidentially listen to your experiences, ensure you're aware of all of your options, and provide support with any actions you do decide to take. If you're not sure whether what you're experiencing is harassment or not, the advisors can offer you insight there too. 

Athena Swan

Since 2010, the Department of Zoology has held an Athena Swan Award that recognises and celebrates good employment practice for women working in science, engineering and technology (SET) in higher education and research.  We are working hard to support and recognise the achievements of all our staff and students, be they female, male, or nonbinary, through adopting best practice in the workplace. Our Athena Swan status aims to assist the recruitment, retention and progression of women in SET. 

For further information contact our Athena Swan Champions, Ashleigh Griffin and Claudio Sillero

In addition, several staff participate in the activities of groups such as WISE, FEST, UKRC GetSET WomenBritish Science Association and the Oxford Women’s Network.

Early Career Researchers ED&I Action Group

Graduate students and postdoctoral researchers from the Departments of Zoology and Plants Sciences have a group to coordinate and plan events, share resources, and decide actions to advocate for. If you’d like to join this group, please email Lauren Chapell or Floren Scrafton.

LGBTQ+ Network

During LGBTQ+ History Month in February 2020, the Biology LGBTQ+ Network was launched to provide a place for members of the LGBTQ+ community to socialise and support each other, as well as host events relating to LGBTQ+ topics throughout the year. 

For more information, please email Jack Common.


 In September 2020, the BIPOC STEM Network launched for research staff, academic staff, and postcraduates that identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour or BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic). This goup aims to:

  • Create an inclusive social support group  
  • Highlight the contributions of People of Colour in STEM within the University of Oxford and beyond 
  • Provide a platform for professional networking and career development 
  • Nurture a welcoming environment to raise awareness of racial issues and shared experiences 

Email bipoc.network@mpls.ox.ac.uk for more information.




We’re keen to keep this page up to date, and to hear suggestions for more we could do to work towards a fairer Oxford. In the first instance, please send any comments or questions to comms@biology.ox.ac.uk.

We are dedicated to training a cohort of Mental Health First Aiders over the coming months.