International Day for Women and Girls in Science

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Sunday 11 February marks International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Here, we celebrate the wonderful women of our Department and hear from DPhil student, Sofia, as she passes on some #WomenInScience inspiration!


We need women and girls in science because…

For so long, women have had a keen interest in processes that shape the world, and provided valuable insights and discoveries. But we have only recently been able to be formally recognised as scientists! From Mary Anning to Mary Somerville, fossil-hunters to astronomers, we have an amazing history to build on, and many contributions to make.


I want to encourage women and girls to go into science because…

Doing science is a fascinating way to live and think. You can learn about the world around you and equip yourself with the tools to answer your questions. There are many important corners of the world where people haven’t bothered to look, and the knowledge you gather can create positive change in a field or debate you care about.


My words of inspiration are…

The scientific process has shaped my mind for the better, fostering curiosity and a sense of capability, in ways that apply to my work but also to “normal life.” It helps me to establish what is known and begin to search through the unknown, to persist when things get hard, and to approach problems from unexpected angles. I derive the same fascination from isolated rocky reefs in the Galapagos, shipwrecks in the Mexican Caribbean, and the busy waters of the River Thames – and joy from the opportunity of being able to work in such amazing places!


Sofia Castelló y Tickell is a DPhil student studying the social and ecological dimensions of human-made reefs in Quintana Roo, Mexico. Follow her on @SofiaAtSea.