Marta Szulkin

Zoology Department Research Associate


Research Interests

My interests lie in evolutionary biology and ecological genomics. During my DPhil and part of my post-doctoral work, I have worked on inbreeding and inbreeding avoidance by combining empirical datasets and theory, and by analysing great tit (Parus major) pedigrees and microsatellite data.

More recently, as an IEF Marie Curie Fellow at CEFE CNRS in Montpellier (France), I have been using RAD sequencing and remote sensing data to understand blue tit (Cyanistes caereuleus) population genomics and patterns of local adaptation in a heterogeneous habitat.

From October 2015 onwards, I am setting-up a new, long-term study of the great tit set in an urban gradient in Warsaw, Poland to work on urban ecological genomics. You can find more information on the Wild Urban Evolution & Ecology Lab here.

Additional Information

May 2012- August 2015: IEF Marie Curie Fellowship at the Centre d'Ecologie Fonctionnelle et Evolutive (CEFE CNRS) in Montpellier, France.

October 2015 - current: Associate Professor at the Centre for New Technologies, University of Warsaw, Poland.

I am currently starting a new lab in Wild Urban Ecology & Evolution, and will be advertising PhD and PostDoc positions on EvolDir shortly.






Selected Publications

  • Charmantier A., Doutrelant C., Dubuc Messier G., Fargevieille A. & Szulkin M. (in press) Mediterranean blue tits as a case study of local adaptation. Evolutionary Applications.

  • Szulkin M., Zelazowski P., Marrot P. & Charmantier A. (in press) Application of high-resolution satellite imagery to characterize individual-based environmental heterogeneity in a wild blue tit population. Remote Sensing.

  • Szulkin M., Gagnaire P.-A., Bierne N. & Charmantier A. (in press). Population genomic footprints of fine-scale differentiation between habitats in Mediterranean blue tits. Molecular Ecology. 

  • Jensen H., Szulkin M. & Slate J. 2014. Molecular quantitative genetics. In: Wild Quantitative Genetics (editors: Charmantier, Garant & Kruuk). Oxford University Press 209-227. 

  • Szulkin M., Stopher K.V., Pemberton J.M. & Reid, J.M. 2013. Inbreeding avoidance, tolerance or preference in animals? Trends in Ecology & Evolution 28: 205-211.

  • Szulkin M., Bierne, N. & David, P. 2010. Heterozygosity-Fitness Correlations: a time for reappraisal. Evolution 64: 1202-1217.

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  • Szulkin M., Garant D., McCleery R.H. & Sheldon B.C. 2007. Inbreeding depression along a life-history continuum in the great tit. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 20: 1531-1543.