Nathalie Seddon

Professor of Biodiversity

Tutorial Fellow, Wadham College


Research Interests

I study the evolutionary and ecological processes generating and sustaining biodiversity and the response of biodiversity to global change. For more information, visit my group website.

Additional Information

Other affiliations: Research Associate of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (Panama) and the Centre for Tropical Research (UCLA)

Associate Editor: Evolution and Journal of Animal Ecology

Funding: NERC, Royal Society, John Fell Fund and EPSRC

Teaching: Convene and lecture on the third year course Evolutionary Ecology of Animals, and contribute additional lectures to courses on Sensory Ecology, Evolution and Ecology of Sex, and Quantitative Methods. 






Selected Publications

    • Bregman, T.P., Lees, A.C., Seddon, N., MacGregor, H.E.A., Darski, B. Aleixo, A., Bonsall, M.B, Tobias, J.A. 2015. Species interactions regulate the collapse of biodiversity and ecosystem function in tropical forest fragments. Ecology 96: 2692-2704. 
    • Tobias, J.A., Planque, R., Cram, D., Seddon, N. 2014. Species interactions and the structure of complex communication networks. PNAS (online 6 Jan 2014).
    • Tobias, J.A., Cornwallis, C.K., Derryberry, E.P., Claramunt, S., Brumfield, R.T., Seddon, N. 2014. Species coexistence and the dynamics of phenotypic evolution in adaptive radiation. Nature (online 22 Dec 2013).
    • Seddon, N., C. A. Botero, J. A. Tobias et al. 2013. Sexual selection accelerates signal evolution during speciation. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. 280: 20131065
    • Wilkins, M., Seddon, N., Saffran, R. J. 2013. Evolutionary divergence in acoustic signals: causes and consequences. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 28:156–166.
    •  Salisbury, C., Seddon, N., Cooney, C., Tobias, J.A. 2012. The latitudinal gradient in dispersal constraints: ecological specialisation drives diversification in tropical birds. Ecology Letters 15: 845-855.
    • For a complete list of publications, click here