Oliver Pybus

Professor of Evolution & Infectious Disease

Professorial Fellow, New College


Research Interests

My research aims to explain the evolutionary dynamics of pathogens, particularly viral infections of humans, including HIV/AIDS, the Hepatitis C Virus, and Influenza. I hope to understand how evolutionary and ecological processes - which occur on the same timescale for many pathogens - combine and interact in natural populations.



Email: oliver.pybus@zoo.ox.ac.uk
PA: andrea.kastner@zoo.ox.ac.uk



Selected Publications

  • Faria NR et al. (2016) Zika virus in the Americas: early epidemiological and genetic findings. Science 352:345–9

  • Lycett SJ et al. (2016) Role for migratory wild birds in the global spread of avian influenza H5N8. Science 354:213–7

  • Pybus OG, Tatem AJ, Lemey P (2015) Virus evolution and transmission in an ever-more connected world. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 282:20142878

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