Fred Piel

Senior Research Associate


Research Interests

I am interested in the distribution and burden of inherited blood disorders. Despite a predicted increasing number of individuals affected both in high- and low-/middle-income countries, existing maps and population estimates for these disorders are mostly out of date. Using multidisciplinary skills acquired during my PhD (in forest entomology) and my post-doctoral experience, I apply contemporary mapping and modelling methods to contemporary collections of epidemiological data. Most of my work so far as focussed on haemoglobin S and C, but I have also been involved in research on the Duffy blood group, G6PD deficiency and malaria. My current focus is currently on the thalassaemias and haemoglobin E. My research allows investigating both basic science questions, such as the spatial relationship between the distributions of the sickle cell gene and malaria, and applied science questions, such as the number of newborns affected by sickle cell disease at various scales. My interests also include collating data on demographic trends, social (e.g. consanguinity and ethnicity) and environmental factors, and investigating epistatic interactions between different inherited blood disorders.






Selected Publications

  • Tewary, S., Brousse, V., Piel, F.B., Menzel, S. & Rees, D.C. (2015) Environmental determinants of severity in sickle cell disease. Haematologica 100(9):1108-1116. doi: 10.3324/haematol.2014.120030.

  • Piel, F.B., Adamkiewitzc, T.V., Amendah, D.D., Williams, T.N., Gupta, S. & Grosse, S.D. (2015) Observed and expected frequencies of structural haemoglobin variants in newborn screening programmes in Africa and the Middle East. Genetics in Medicine (in press).

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