Kris Varun Parag

Postdoctoral Researcher


Research Interests

Point process theory, computational phylogenetics, queueing theory, information theory, visual neuroscience, control theory






Selected Publications

  • Parag, K and Vinnicombe, G. "Point Process Analysis of Noise in Early Invertebrate Vision". PLOS Computational Biology, 13(10): e1005687, 2017

  • Parag, KV and Pybus, OG. "Optimal Point Process Filtering and Estimation of the Coalescent Process". Journal of Theoretical Biology 421:153-167, 2017.

  • Parag, K. and Vinnicombe, G. “Single Event Molecular Signalling for Estimation and Control.” European Control Conference, pp: 4166-71, 2013.

  • Parag, K. and Vinnicombe, G. “Event Triggered Signalling Codecs for Molecular Estimation” 52nd Conference on Decision and Control, pp: 256-61, 2013.