Ace North

Post Doctoral Ressearch Assosciate


Research Interests

I study the ecological and evolutionary dynamics of populations, often with an emphasis on the role of spatial structure. I'm interested in all kinds of populations, yet currently I am focused on malaria-spreading mosquitoes. In particular, I am researching how transgenic elements might be driven into mosquito populations to reduce their efficiency in transmitting malaria. I mainly use mathematical and simulation models to study the systems I am working on.






Selected Publications

  • Modelling the control of mosquito-borne diseases
    North, A. and Hancock, P.
    In 'Ecology of parasite-vector interactions' (eds W. Takken and C.J.M. Koenraadt) Wageningen Academic Pub., 2012

  • Local adaptation in a changing world: The roles of gene-flow, mutation, and sexual reproduction
    North, A., Pennanen, J., Ovaskainen, O. and Laine, A-L.
    Evolution Volume 65, Issue 1, pages 79–89, January 2011

  • Evolutionary responses of dispersal distance to landscape structure and habitat loss
    North, A., Cornell, S. and Ovaskainen, O.
    Evolution Volume 65, Issue 6, pages 1739–1751, June 2011

  • Interactions between dispersal, competition, and landscape heterogeneity
    North, A. and Ovaskainen, O.
    Oikos, Volume 116, Number 7, July 2007