George McGavin

Research Associate


Research Interests

Terrestrial arthropods especially in tropical forests, caves and savanna. Public understanding of science. Exploration.

Additional Information

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Selected Publications

  • McGavin, (2001) Essential Entomology: an order by order introduction. Oxford University Press. 318pp.
  • McGavin G.C. (2005) Dorling Kindersley Pocket Nature: Insects and Spiders. Dorling Kindersley. 224pp.
  • McGavin, G.C. (2006) Endangered: wildlife on the brink of extinction. Cassell Illustrated. 192pp.
  • Woodcock B.A., Mann D.J., Mirielees, C., McGavin G.C. and McDonald A.W. (2005) Re-creation of a lowland flood-plain meadow: management implications for invertebrate communities. Journal of Insect Conservation 9:207-218.
  • Finlay B. J., Thomas J.A., McGavin, G.C., Fenchel T. and Clarke R.T. (2006). Self-similar patterns of nature: insect diversity at local to global scales. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 173:1935-1941.