Chris Holland

Research Fellow

Magdalen College


Research Interests

Evolutionary Biology, Biological Materials, Biomimetics, Biomechanics, Polymers, Materials Science, Biomedical Devices, DMTA, Rheology, Small Angle Scattering, Microscopy, Spectroscopy.

Additional Information

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Recent patents

2011 Robin Carter, Christopher Holland, Leslie Scott and Fritz Vollrath. 2011. Silk Matting: A method for manufacture thereof and a use of the silk matting for in-soles for shoes and vehicular tyres. GB90057

2008 David Philip Knight, Nicholas Skaer, Tom Gheysens, Andrew Collins, and Christopher Holland. Cartilage repair material and a method for the preparation thereof GB0807868.5 Status: Granted Also USA US 2011/0177151 A1 status: Granted




Selected Publications

  • 2012 Holland, C. Urbach, J. Blair, D. Direct Visualization of Shear Dependent Silk Fibrillogenesis Soft Matter 8 2590-4 access

  • 2012 Holland, C. Vollrath, F. Ryan, A.J. Mykhaylyk, O.O. Silk and Synthetic Polymers; Reconciling 100 Degrees of Separation Advanced Materials 24 (1) 105-109 access

  • 2011 Chaudhury, S. Holland, C. Vollrath, F. Carr, A. Comparing normal and torn rotator cuff tendons using dynamic shear analysis Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery 93-B (7) 942-948 access

  • 2011 Kingdon, J. Agwanda, B. Kinnaird, M, O’Brien, Holland, C. Gheysens. T. Boulet-Audet, M. Vollrath, F.; A Poisonous Surprise Under The Coat Of The African Crested Rat. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 279 (1729) 675-680 access

  • 2011 Boulet-Audet, M. Vollrath, F. Holland, C. Rheo-Attenuated Total Reflectance infrared spectroscopy: a new tool to study biopolymers. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 13 3979-3984 access

  • 2007 Holland, C. Terry, A. Porter, D. Vollrath, F. Natural and Unnatural Silks. Polymer 48 3388-3392 access

  • 2006 Holland, C.A. Terry, A.E. Porter, D. P. Vollrath, F.V. Comparing the rheology of native spider and silkworm spinning dope Nature Materials 5 870-5 access