Richard Gardner

Edward Penley Abraham Research Professor of the Royal Society

Ordinary Student of Christ Church


Research Interests

Patterning of the early mammalian embryo with respect to the specification of axes and bilateral asymmetry. Derivation, characterization and exploitation of stem cells from early embryos for transgenesis and for their potential for use in regenerative medicine

Additional Information

Chair of the Royal Society Working Group on Stem cells and Cloning, President of the Institute of Biology, and member of the Scientific and Clinical Advances Group of the Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority



PA: Andrea Kastner

Selected Publications

  • Gardner RL. (2001) Specification of embryonic axes begins before cleavage in normal mouse development. Development. 128, 839-47.
  • Kunath T, Arnaud D, Uy GD, Okamoto I, Chureau C, Yamanaka Y, Heard E, Gardner RL, Avner P, Rossant J. (2005) Imprinted X-inactivation in extra-embryonic endoderm cell lines from mouse blastocysts. Development. 132,1649-61.
  • Gardner RL, Davies TJ.(2006) An investigation of the origin and significance of bilateral symmetry of the pronuclear zygote in the mouse. Hum Reprod. 21, 492-502.
  • Gardner RL.(2007) The axis of polarity of the mouse blastocyst is specified before blastulation and independently of the zona pellucida. Hum Reprod.22, 798-806.
  • Tesar PJ, Chenoweth JG, Brook FA, Davies TJ, Evans EP, Mack DL, Gardner RL, McKay RD. (2007) New cell lines from mouse epiblast share defining features with human embryonic stem cells. Nature 448,196-9.