Amy C Boyd

Senior Postdoctoral Research Assistant


Research Interests

I am interested in how the immune system impacts and is affected by the physiology of development and reproduction, and how these processes can illustrate evolutionary relationships. 






Selected Publications

  • Bilham K, Boyd AC (joint first author), Preston SG, Buesching CD, Newman C, MacDonald DW, Smith AL. 2017. Badger macrophages fail to produce nitric oxide, a key anti-mycobacterial effector molecule. Scientific Reports. 7:45470.

  • Ciccone N, Smith L, Mwangi W, Boyd A, Broadbent A, Smith A, Nair V. Early pathogenesis during infectious bursal disease in susceptible chickens is associated with changes in B cell genomic methylation and loss of genome integrity. 2017. Developmental and Comparative Immunology. In press.

  • Ruiz-Hernandez R, Mwangi W, Peroval P, Sadeyen JR, Ascough S, Balkissoon D, Staines K, Boyd A, McCauley JW, Smith AL, and Butter C. 2016. Host genetics determine susceptibility to avian influenza infection and transmission dynamics. Scientific Reports. Jun 9;6:26787.

  • Ruiz-Hernandez R, Peroval MY, Boyd A, Balkissoon D, Staines K, Smith AL, Butter C. 2015. An infected chicken kidney cell co-culture ELISpot for enhanced detection of T cell responses to avian influenza and vaccination. Journal of Immunological Methods. 416: 40–48.

  • Boyd A, Ruiz-Hernandez R, Peroval MY, Carson C, Balkissoon D, Staines K, Turner AV, Hill AV, Gilbert SC, Butter C. 2013. Towards a universal vaccine for avian influenza: Protective efficacy of modified Vaccinia virus Ankara and Adenovirus vaccines expressing conserved influenza antigens in chickens challenged with low pathogenic avian influenza virus. Vaccine. 31 (4):670-5.

  • Peroval MY, Boyd A, Young JY, Smith AL. 2013. A Critical Role for MAPK Signalling Pathways in the Transcriptional Regulation of Toll Like Receptors. PLoS ONE 8(2): e51243.

  • Mullarkey CE, Boyd A, van Laarhoven A, Lefevre EA, Carr BV, Baratelli M, Molesti E, Temperton NJ, Butter C, Charleston B, Lambe T, Gilbert SC. 2013. Improved adjuvanting of seasonal influenza vaccines: Preclinical studies of MVA-NP+M1 coadministration with inactivated influenza vaccine. European Journal of Immunology. 43: 1–13.

  • Boyd A, Peroval MY, Hammond JA, Prickett MD, Young JR, Smith AL. 2012. TLR15 is unique to avian and reptilian lineages and recognizes a yeast-derived agonist. Journal of Immunology. 189 (10):4930-8.