Henry Bennet-Clark

Emeritus Reader in Invertebrate Zoology

Fellow and Tutor in Biology, St. Catherine’s College, 1978 to 1999; Fellow Emeritus since 1999; Dean 2004 to 2007


Research Interests

Biomechanics, especially of insects, with special reference to jumping: fleas, locusts and the energetics of the jumping of small animals. Bioacoustics, especially of the production of loud-pure-tone songs by crickets and cicadas, and the mechanics of sound transduction and frequency analysis in insect hearing.

Additional Information

First year teaching of lower chordates, tutorial teaching of the biology of animls, both invertebrates and vertebrates.



Email: henry.bennet-clark@zoo.ox.ac.uk

Selected Publications

  • Bennet-Clark, H.C. (2007). The first description of Resilin. Journal of Experimental Biology 210: 3879-3881.
  • Bailey, Bennet-Clark, H. C. (2003). Wing resonances in the Australian field cricket Teleogryllus oceanicus. Journal of Experimental Biology. 206, 1479-1496.
  • Bennet-Clark, H. C. and Bailey, W. J. (2002). Ticking of the clockwork cricket: the role of the escapement mechanism. Journal of Experimental Biology, 205, 613-625.
  • Bailey, W. J., Bennet-Clark, H. C. and Fletcher, N. H. (2001). Acoustics of a small Australian burrowing cricket: the control of low frequency pure-tone songs. Journal of Experimental Biology 204, 2827-2841. 3879-3881
  • Bennet-Clark, H. C. (2001). Impedance matching in sound production and hearing, a comparative study. In Ecology of Sensing, eds. F. Barth and A. Schmidt), pp. 39 -58. Berlin: Springer-Verlag.