Prue Addison

Postdoctoral Researcher & NERC Knowledge Exchange Fellow

Merton College


Research Interests

I am a conservation scientist who is passionate about improving the use of science in decision-making. Through my research, I spend a lot of my time working with decision-makers in government and business on conservation projects. I use interdisciplinary methods to understand stakeholders’ needs, and develop approaches to help improve the use of scientific evidence in their conservation projects. I frame a lot of my research using structured decision-making, which helps provide a rigorous process to guide stakeholders through complex environmental decisions. This involves a series of steps and a large toolbox of available techniques to help incorporate both scientific evidence and human values into decision making, acknowledging that environmental decision-making is not a value-free process.

Currently I am a Senior Postdoctoral Researcher & NERC Knowledge Exchange Fellow with the Interdisciplinary Centre for Conservation Science. Through this position I am facilitating the transfer of biodiversity research to address key conceptual and operational challenges associated with corporate biodiversity strategies. I am working closely with businesses to help operationalise the ‘no net loss (NNL) of biodiversity’ principle, where biodiversity losses should be avoided where possible, and residual losses balanced with biodiversity gains to ensure overall NNL.

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Selected Publications