Prasad Abnave

Postdoctoral Researcher


Research Interests

I am working with the highly regenerative planarian model system Schmidtea mediterranea that has a number of key features that can be exploited to make novel insights into the molecular processes controlling stem cell biology. These processes are relevant to many human disease processes, but particularly cancer. For example, previous research on planarians in the Aboobaker lab provided the novel demonstration that the gene SMG-1 normally acts to limit stem cell proliferation, and has subsequently been confirmed a novel mammalian tumour suppressor. We hypothesise that there are a significant number of other genes conserved between planarians and humans to which we can assign novel physiological functions. We propose to further exploit the planarian system to maximise the number of discoveries of this nature by using a highly sensitive shielded irradiation assay that facilitates the clear observation of the disease relevant stem cell behaviours. My project will result in novel insights into the control of proliferation, migration and differentiation; all processes that can become compromised when adult stem cells become hyperplastic and potentially tumour forming. 






Selected Publications