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The biogeography of the yeti crabs

A study by Alex Rogers and colleagues on yeti crabs suggests they originated in the North Pacific and provides further evidence of evolution of the vent fauna over the last 50MY, post ocean anoxic events, and of jumps between seep and vent ecosystems of species reliant on chemosymbiosis.

Group Formation, Relatedness, and the Evolution of Multicellularity

Berti Fisher & Stuart West have published a paper in Current Biology showing how clonal group formation allows the evolution of more complex and social multicellular organisms.


Complex Migratory Behaviour of Pelagic Seabirds

A study in Journal of the Royal Society Interface using predictive ethoinformatics to reveal the complex migratory behaviour of pelagic seabirds has been published by the Department of Zoology's OxNav group. The work is led by Robin Freeman, now at UCL, in collaboration with Tim Guilford and other members of the Zoology Department.


Avian influenza A (H7N9) virus is a real cause for concern

An international team including Professor Simon Hay of the Department of Zoology has just been published in the journal ‘Nature’, warning that emerging avian influenza A(H7N9) virus is a real cause for concern and should be monitored closely.


New book about the financial crash

Andrew Farlow, a member of the Spatial Ecology & Epidemiology Group, who works on the economic and health burden of dengue, has just had a book released, ‘Crash and Beyond: Causes and Consequences of the Global Financial Crisis’. A lead title for 2012-13 in the Economics and Finance series of the Oxford University Press, the book devotes four chapters to the global financial crash and its causes and eight chapters to policy responses to the crash.