Seminars and Events


9th May 2016

Tinbergen Lecture: Unravelling the origins, evolution and molecular epidemiology of the Ebola virus epidemic through near real-time viral genome sequencing

Professor Andrew Rambaut (University of Edinburgh)
Venue: Lecture Theatre B, Department of Zoology, 4pm

16th May 2016

Jenkinson Memorial Lecture: "What's better for adaptation-recycling old genetic variants or taking advantage of new (epi)mutations"

Professor Detlef Weigel (Max Planck Institute, Germany)
Venue: Large Lecture Theatre, Plant Sciences, 4pm

Please note that access to the Department of Zoology's seminar rooms and the lecture theatres in the Tinbergen Building is only allowed to those who hold a valid University card. You will be required to show your card on entry to the building.