Seminars and Events

Tinbergen Building Closure

Due to the closure of the Tinbergen building from the 13th Feb, all seminars and events will be moved to alternative venues. Please check here for updated information and the Department's Twitter Feed

24th April 2017

Phenotypic and genomic consequences of asexuality

Professor Tanja Schwander, Lausanne
Venue: Ship Street Centre, Jesus College, 1pm.

8th May 2017

Challenges and opportunities to advance biodiversity conservation in a rapidly changing world

Professor Morena Mills, Imperial
Venue: New Racliffe House, Racliffe Observatory Quarter,Walton Street OX2 6GG, 1pm.

15th May 2017

Where are the limits of life (history strategies)?

Dr. Roberto Salguero-Gomez, Sheffield
Venue: Ship Street Centre, Jesus College, 1pm.

22nd May 2017


Professor Eske Willerslev, Copenhagen
Venue: Natural History Museum Lecture Theatre, 4pm.

29-30th August 2017

Conference title: Oxford Venoms 2017

Web link:
Venue: St Hilda’s College