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» May 2nd, 2017: Attenborough films with the Wytham Tits & Jungle FowlMay 18, 2017

David Attenborough 2David Attenborough came to Wytham to film for a BBC programme about bird eggs to be aired Easter 2018. He spent a day in the woods and at the field station filming both with the great tit and jungle fowl projects.


» Swan Upping:August 2, 2016

Swan UppingThe EGI swan team joined the Queen’s Swan Uppers on the river Thames to carry out their annual swan and geese census. It has been a poor year for the cygnets, most likely due to the higher than average rainfall in March.

» 70th year of data collection:August 2, 2016

2016 EGI Fieldworks photoThe Wytham tit fieldworkers gathered for their annual group photo to celebrate the end of the 70th breeding season.

» “The ‘birdman’ of Wytham Woods”August 4, 2016

BCS 2014“Enter an ecologist’s playground with the birdman of Wytham Woods” is a piece in this week’s New Scientist about the Wytham Tit Project. Link to article here.

» Wytham tit breeding season 2016:August 2, 2016

Wytham tit breeding season 2016Timing of egg laying was was particularly drawn out his year due to fluctuating temperatures in April and May. Compared to recent years, breeding density was around average for blue tits and below average for great tits.  Fledging success for both species was relatively low, with blue tits faring worse that great tits. All species experienced a season decline in fledgling success, and this was particularly pronounced in blue tits. See and @WythamTits for more info.

» BBC Springwatch – Wytham Tit ProjectJune 14, 2016

Springwatch 4BBC Springwatch (2016: Episode 9) featured research from the Wytham Tit Project on how tits match their timing of egg laying with local food availability. Watch the film here.