Publications from 2008

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Below you find a list of publications from the year 2008 produce by members of the EGI.

Broughton, R.K., Hinsley, S.A., Bellamy, P.E., Carpenter, J.E., Rothery, P. 2008. Ageing and sexing marsh tits poecile palustris using wing length and moult. Ringing and Migration 24, 88-94.

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Devereux, C.L., Fernández-Juricic, E., Krebs, J.R. & Whittingham, M.J. 2008. Habitat affects escape behaviour and alarm calling in Common Starlings Sturnus vulgarisIbis 150 (SUPPL. 1), 191-198.

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Garcia-Del-Rey, E., Gosler, A.G., Gonzalez, J., Wink, M. 2008. Sexual size dimorphism and moult in the plain swift Apus unicolor.Ringing and Migration 24, 81-87.

Guilford, T.C., Meade, J., Freeman, R., Biro, D., Evans, T., Bonadonna, F., Boyle, D., Roberts, S. & Perrins, C.M. 2008. GPS tracking of the foraging movements of Manx Shearwaters Puffinus puffinus breeding on Skomer Island, Wales. Ibis 150, 462-473.

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Jagannath, A., Shore, R.F., Walker, L.A., Ferns, P.N. & Gosler, A.G. 2008. Eggshell pigmentation indicates pesticide contamination.Journal of Applied Ecology 45, 133-140.

Jensen, P., Buitenhuis, B., Kjaer, J., Zanella, A., Mormède, P. & Pizzari, T. 2008 Genetics and genomics of animal behaviour and welfare – Challenges and possibilities. Applied Animal Behaviour Science 113, 383-403

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Neto, J.M., Encarnacão, V., Fearon, P. & Gosler, A.G. 2008. Autumn migration of Savi’s Warblers Locustella luscinioides in Portugal: Differences in timing, fuel deposition rate and non-stop flight range between the age classes. Bird Study 55, 78-85.

Norte, A.C., Sheldon, B., Sousa, J.P. & Ramos, J.A. 2008. Repeatability and method-dependent variation of blood parameters in wild-caught Great Tits Parus majorActa Ornithologica 43, 65-75.

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